XP 900

The new 2012 PDS XP 900 Cage with built in rear bumper.  Redesigned for 2012 the Xp 900
cage is 100% .95 DOM Tubing making it an absolute must for your XP.  Safety is the key
principle on which pds is founded and run on.  NO Sectioned main hoops on this cage or
seamed cross bars, making this cage one of the strongest in its class.  Every brace and
every angle is calculated for maxium rigidity making sure our customers receive nothing but
the best and the safest from our shop, we are proud to call this cage ours.

XP 900 Mid doors and full doors (as shown here)
allow easy access to your side x side while
providing complete leg, hip, and side protection
giving strength and durability that will last a
lifetime. The new XP 900 doors also have a
welded in step for easy access I and out of your
machine. Another absolute must for your XP!!     

Built in Rear Bumper

Not only adding style, and strength to your
XP 900 our built in rear bumper is designed
for easy access to the bed, exhaust, and
other important areas. Structurally protecting
the complete rear end of your side x side. Its
an abolute must, and thats why we build our
cages to include it.
 If you have any questions or would
like to purchase any of these products
shown feel free to call the shop at
(951) 696 1650