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Take a Load  Off Your Mind          
Take the Weight Off Your Gate
Rather than having to lug a trailer out for the day,

now you have the option of hauling your side by side in the bed of your truck

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Look closely....the PDS GateSaver takes all the weight off of your

tailgate as weight is transferred from the GateSaver to the hitch
The PDS GateSaver has endless uses!  

It's great for hauling carpet, lumber, etc.   

You name it!
The GateSaver easily plugs into the hitch receiver  

You do not have to remove the factory tailgate  
With two adjustable support braces your tailgate will

never suffer the pressure and weight of your side by side
With our bolt-on gate extension the weight of your side by

side is completely supported by the PDS GateSaver
It  gets  even  better  !