PDS is proud to announce the new line of
products currently available for the Teryx.
We have it all, Wheels, Tires, Suspension,   
Seats, Bumpers and Doors.

             Available Now:

             Full TurnKey Packages
        4 Seat "Cruiser" Sport Cage
                   Add-on cage
              Bolt-on Intrusion Bar
                     Light bars
             Doors and Door Bars
               Wheel and Tire kits
                 Cold Air Intake

PDS offers a full line of accessories that can be added to your
PDS cage.  

Here is an example of the PDS cooler rack and  light bar that is
available for your new cage.

Stereo and GPS Units Available

Teryx Gen 2 Doors are now available

             This is PDS Fabrication’s second  

            generation RZR door bar.  This bolt-

            on door bar provides extra hip room

            around the seating area creating

            more comfort for the driver and

            passenger.  These fixed door bars

            come powder coated and are made

            out of 1½” and 1” .095 steel tubing.  

            PDS Fabrication’s Gen 2 RZR Door

            Bars offer an aesthetic quality which

            completes the look of the vehicle and

            more importantly provides leg and side

            impact protection.  Along with the

            additional leg protection, these door

            bars attach the A-Pillar to the B-Pillar

            part of the frame preventing any flex.
Door Bars With Aluminum Panels