The "Bruiser" sport race cage is the newest addition to the PDS      
line of sport cages. Built for the weekend racer or serious off           
road driver this cage meets all UTVRA and CORR rules for the           
stock or modified classes where a bolt on cage is allowed.                
Available as a custom order product we tailor the cage just for         
you by setting the height and options to your height and driving       
style and preference.

Need it taller ? Wider ? Shorter ? Lights ? You name it, we can         
build it into your Bruiser package.

Give us a call today to talk about building the ultimate bruiser           
just for you.

All "Bruiser" cages are built using 1-3/4x.095 wall D.O.M.             
tubing on all of the main structure with 1.5 x .090 wall                    
connecting tubes.

Chromoly is also available for an additional charge.

The bruiser cage system eliminates the heavy stock bed and     
is designed to integrate a fuel cell (required for most racing       
series) and mount the bed sides separately. For the maximum    
amount of clearance we also move the bed sides up 1.5               
inches, out 2.0 inches and back 1.75 inches. This allows 25          
inch tires to clear at full compression with no rubbing.  

Another feature of the bruiser system is the rear bumper, this   
bumper is available separately and mounts to the back of the     
chassis tying in to all four control arm mounting bolts, this           
adds rigidity to the chassis and eliminates problems with             
tearing out the factory frame.

Shown above and below are our Bruiser doors that are              
completely bolt in and fixed. Required by most racing series       
these doors will work with your existing stock cage and               
provide the maximum amount of protection and style.

Easily removable they are perfect for the hardcore racer in        
the event of damage. No need to cut out and re-weld bent          
tubes as with welded in bars, just unbolt the damaged side         
and replace it with a new one!
                     PDS "Bruiser" Kits

 PDS Bruiser Sport Cage
          Chromoly upgrade
                 Bed panels
                       Aluminum Roof
                              Bruiser Front Bumper
                                   Bruiser Rear Bumper

Call for light bar, fuel cell and TurnKey options