Why our products stand out.....
Four Seat "CRUISER" Sport Cage
Our roll cages are constructed of 1-3/4 x .095 wall D.O.M. Seamless tubing on the main parts of the cage.

Much stronger and lighter than welded mild steel.

PDS Cruiser cages are built lower than the factory cage so they will fit under most models of Toyhauler rear beds.

All of our sport cages come with four grab handles, windshield V-Bars and multiple structural braces.

Compare this to what others offer as options. All grab handles are rotated in to help keep hands inside.

All are designed with optimum safety in mind. All B-pillars are behind the front seat away from the driver and passenger.

All of our PDS cages include a dash bar and seat belt harness bar. These are a must for strength and integrity.

The main top bar is a one piece design with no breaks or welded connections. Much stronger.

Our cages are not built like a box.  The a-pillars lean in at 5 degrees and the back is at 2 degrees, this offset creates a much stronger

All of our cruiser cages feature rear harness mounts to the cage using 3/16 tabs not to the seat frame.

After looking at other rear seat mount frames available that bolt to the bed sides we decided to build our own.

It bolts securely to the floor and sets the seat as low and as far back as possible.  

This optimumizes the room of any cage that keeps the factory tailgate.

Give us a call to discuss why we feel our cages are among the best available..... 951.696.1650
Cage Options
Options.... we got plenty of them.

  • Aluminum Roof Panels
  • Light Bar
  • Cooler Racks
  • Whip Mounts
  • Light Mounts
  • Spare Tire Mount (Racer Sport Cage Only)
  • Custom Fabrication to your liking.
Four Seat Cruiser: powder coated any standard color

Two Seat Racer: powder coated any standard color

Custom powder coat colors available for additional charge
Sport Cages
Take a close look!
When your cage looks this good after a three and one quarter rollover, you know you've made the right decision.
One of our customers stopped by the shop to thank us for a job well done.  This PDS  four
seat cage withstood a three and one quarter side rollover.  
                                       As our customer put it, "Not a scratch on it!".